Photographer Sarah Lee

Capturing What You Can’t Control

Water photographer Sarah Lee loves the unpredictability of nature and creates art that captures the interplay of people, water, and light. Unlike other forms of photography, where pixels are painstakingly crafted, Sarah embraces what she can’t control and uses her photography to find beauty in the chaos.

Sarah Lee


Sarah Lee's Photo Galleries

Essential Underwater Photography Tips


Essential Underwater Photography Tips

Sarah Lee’s underwater photography captures the sensual beauty of people, water, and light interacting together in nature. Sarah Lee shares her essential underwater photography tips and equipment.

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Riding Under the Waves

Interview with the Photographer

Riding Under the Waves

In this interview, you’ll learn how Sarah Lee’s natural love of swimming led to photographing swim meets. Over time, her interest in photography grew until she started taking her camera in and under the water to photograph other swimmers, surfers, and good friends. Sarah’s passion has led to her work being featured in Italian fashion magazines and for adventure companies in Australia and New Zealand.

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