Photographer Dave Powell

Point, Click, ShootTokyo

Follow Dave Powell, street photographer behind the popular blog ShootTokyo, as he walks the neon-lit streets of Tokyo capturing the unique historic and cutting edge juxtaposition the city and its inhabitants offer up nightly.

Dave Powell


Dave Powell's Photo Galleries

Walk the streets of Tokyo with Dave Powell


Walk the streets of Tokyo with Dave Powell

As a busy executive, David Powell often found himself caught up in the hustle and bustle of his daily life in Tokyo: commuting, meetings, travel, more meetings, home, sleep. Seeking a better balance between work and life, he decided to pick up photography as a creative outlet. Since he could take his camera anywhere, it didn’t disrupt his busy schedule. And it grew into a successful blog: ShootTokyo. There David takes time to share his glimpses of the city, offering business insights and other random thoughts each photo sparks.

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